23 May 2013

Culture Day

In September we are having a Culture Day in this area.Sounds like it should be spelt with a K. It took me a while to understand what it meant in hard terms and how it was going to wake and shake the good people of the town and surroundings into spontaneity and involvement. Not words I would normally associate with most of the population, unless it's involvement in coffee mornings. Now I have the picture (I think) I’m buzzing with ideas. The young woman at the centre of it all has created similar events in Dublin, Cork, and other places across the UK,  and I commend her energy, courage, dedication, courage again - in fact mostly her sheer nerve! She isn’t alone of course; there are teams already on the job that have proved their worth in creating big events. One of them has started the ball rolling by putting huge wicker faces up into the trees in the local woodland. I saw these giants last week  (I didn’t have a camera). They are mightily impressive, benign thank heavens, and story-tellers are already taking parties of children through the woods telling tales about them (I’m guessing, but anyway, telling tales!) 
There will be installations, displays, exhibitions, but the main aim is to get people to participate in something they wouldn’t normally do, therefore impromptu painting/writing poems on paper table cloths in cafes, dancing, singing with a suddenly appearing choir (will there finally be a flash mob in our street)?  The writer’s group are going to be a part of this. I have ideas. So does everyone else, getting more and more fantastical. It should be a lot of fun.

By the way, is anyone else blogging in this place able to create more space between lines? I can't and I feel cramped. 


chillsider stitching and opinions said...

Sounds so interesting, nothing like that here, maybe I should cc your description onto our village site and see if anyone bites...........re. your spacing, somewhere in settings is possibly the answer, but I can get lost in there for hours - trying to find my way out.

Gillian said...

Yes it does sound like it could be quite an adventure exploring what is going on.
Not sure about the spacing. I'll have a look.
Cheers Gillian