1 Feb 2014

Slinging the noodles for New Year.

The beginning: dough made with Lidl pain flour & water, left for seven hours in a warm place. 
Beginning the slinging - what muscles this man must have!

getting longer..... beginning to double up...

and twisting.... and more slinging...

and hey presto - noodles! The chef has demonstrated on Channel 4, BBC etc and is from along line of noodlemakers in China who created a famous brand.

Marieta was brave to volunteer and proved adept.

The male who volunteered got slightly over-enthusiastic - nearly hit the roof and the chef!

Chloe looks grim but she was concentrating - she made some really neat little dumplings.

...which we ate with a soy sauce and vinegar dipping sauce. Yum.

Two types of tofu here, two types of noodles, seaweed, ginger and daikon. It was beyond scrumptious.

Dr Bisong Guo has her back to us so I got a picture of her beautiful jacket.The Chinese make really desirable clothes, much better than the 'ethnic' stuff that find its way into the cheap shops. This is classy!

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