2 Feb 2016

The Water Kelpie of Pityoulish


A group of children (some say there were seven some say ten of them, I don’t myself know the exact number or their names but their mothers and fathers most certainly did) were playing by the loch-shore one day when the youngest of the group, the son of the laird of that region as it happened, noticed a most beautiful pony grazing nearby unattended. It was pure white and though there was no sign of its rider it was both saddled and bridled. The young lad called the others and they approached the pretty creature cautiously with but one thought in all their young heads - to catch it and ride it!

They knew at once it must be the palfrey of some great personage because the bridle was of crimson velvet and the stirrups of polished silver but all they wanted was a ride on its back and there seemed to be no harm in that. The pony continued to graze peacefully until they were almost within touching distance then it took a few teasing steps toward the waters of the loch. The children, understanding animals well and especially those destined to have humans on their backs, simply thought it was shy of being caught and pursued it carefully. This little dance persisted for a while until they where all quite near to the water’s edge whereupon one of the children managed to lay hands on the wonderful bridle and gave a cry of joy. The other children followed suit in grabbing hold of either the bridle or the reins, all but the smallest child who had been first to see the pony but was too small and had been pushed to the back of the crowd. He only managed to touch the reins with two of his small fingers. As it happened he was glad he had been so treated because in less time than it takes to tell the cries of joys turned to cries of terror as the the pony circled toward the water dragging them all with it and they found they where quite unable to let go. The youngest child with great presence of mind and not a little courage took out his dirk and cut off the two small fingers thus escaping to watch in horror whilst his companions where pulled screaming and crying into the dark peaty waters of the loch, never to be seen again.


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