2 Jun 2013

The Witching of Isabel Goudie

I'm very pleased with myself because I've just finished putting my collection of folk tales into ebook form and it's already coming up on Google. Isabel is a popular local witch who has already achieved international renown, so that's nice for me!

In fact I'm nearly as proud as I would be if I'd found a real publisher for it. I never tried becauseI didn't think they'd be interested, especially given the tightness of budgets etc. Folk stories have a limited market. That would have needed a miracle, but this is a different miracle - I've done the whole thing myself from beginning to end and that's quite a buzz. There are lay-out problems that are a result of my lack of skill but I can adjust sometime, when I feel more confident.

blurb.com is a very easy site to use but I think my book has more pages than they are really set up for. They also only convert for the ibook so that limits the catchment area. never mind. One day I will convince a local printer/publisher to take it on as a project and it can be sold locally.

The first 60+ pages can be read for free so any comments (polite!) would be gratefully received if anyone has time.

 http://store.blurb.com/ebooks/399521-the-witching-of-isabel-goudie  Below are some of the illustrations.


Gillian said...

Oh Carol. What a wonderful achievement.
More of it.
Cheers Gillian

Gillian said...

Hello again,
Have you got the knack of adding a "link" so that whoever reads your blog can just click on it to go straight through. Your URL for the stories didn't come across as a "link".
To do this, when you are posting there is an icon at the top called "link". It's fairly self explanatory and needs you to swipe whatever you choose and fill in the URL. If you have a complicated link you swipe it and when it's blue you press ctrl C simultaneously. When you want to deposit the RL in the "link" box, you put the cursor in there and press ctrl V. It should all appear easily.
Hope I haven't been teaching you how to suck easter eggs.
Cheers Gillian

carol said...

No, you are not teaching the sucking of eggs(I've never been very good at that anyway!!) I thought I was getting the link thing wrong, how silly. Thanks.