13 Jul 2013

Blessed be!

Zombie, Brunhilde and Nero.

A couple of aged bikers are missing.
For no special reason a friend decided to have a dress-up party (she's been listening to a lot of Wagner and wanted to be Brunhilde though she's not built for the part.) It made a much better party than the usual sit-around-and-chat affair. We enjoyed our sub personalities.
Blessed be! I don't even recognise myself.


Gillian said...

I wish I lived closer or had neighbours who think a fun night out is something like that.
Okay, dark layers are probably humus in the sand left from a layer of vegetation on top of a dune that has since been covered over by more sand.
Always was a know-all!
Cheers Gillian

carol said...

Yes, humus, agreed. But this line is an anomaly that it intrudes into lines running either side of it - hard to explain. I need to go back to take another photo.