25 Oct 2013

Mobile phone etiquette.

I see Debretts has taken up the challenge of teaching mobi users manners. I wish I could have had this up on the wall when I was in the shop - either of them1 people would answer their phones after asking me a question and leave me standing like an idiot until they finished. Or halfway through the till transaction even when there were others in the queue. Sometimes I sat down and took up my crossword puzzle if the conversation dragged on.

9. Don't carry on mobile phone calls when in the middle of something else
Don't carry on mobile phone calls while transacting other business - in banks, shops, on buses and so on. It is insulting not to give people who are serving you your full attention.

And some of my family need to read this:
8. Step away from the phone at meal times
Don't put your phone on the dining table, or glance at it longingly mid-conversation. 

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