31 Dec 2013

Curate's Christmas

Christmas day was lovely and, like the curate's egg, had some greenish bits. Young Dizzy-dog has been poorly for a while now, in and out of the vet's (alternating with Sandy's visits to the A&E for a broken bone in his hand.) Her temperature has been going up and down and one day she collapsed completely so had to be put on drips. There have been times when it looked as if treatments for an unknown badness were working then times when it didn't. Lots of tests were made. This has been going on for a couple of weeks or more. Christmas day she spent with us for the champagne and present-opening but, rather than being a pain with the wrapping paper, she was only interested in being cuddled. Then she stayed in her very cosy house-bed whilst we went to the hotel for a splendid meal. 

Boxing day she went downhill again and the worried vet finally advised an emergency dash to the nearest animal hospital - Edinburgh, 4 hours drive away. Her distressed and loving owners took her, driving through the horrendous rain and wind to get there. They had to turn around and drive straight back once she was settled. She is still there. They think they have finally found the cause of the trouble, a perforated uterus, which is common in cats and humans (didn't know that!) It occurs after their first season but isn't at all common in dogs. Dizzy is really more cat-like than dog-like so that figures! She is getting first class treatment, being made a fuss of - and costing an absolute fortune, several thousand beyond the insured mark.Yikes! My daughter makes good money, has a thriving osteopathy practice and works very hard but poor girl never seems to be able to keep it in the bank what with divorce expenses, school extras and the necessity for a new laptop for Sanders.....   

If all goes well Dizzy will come home after New Year's Day.

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chillsider stitching and opinions said...

Oh dear, hope doggy recovers totally very soon. Callie had the overnight squits, poor conservatory and poor Him Indoors who got up first, but it was probably the turkey meals as she is fine now, back on the tiined stuff.