15 Dec 2013

Bubble wrap and bones.

It has been so warm lately that I haven’t had to wear a coat. I suppose I might if I did more than pop in and out of shops from the car but still it’s remarkable. 

I’ve enjoyed shopping for presents, mostly on line to be delivered direct, but it still took me three hours to wrap the presents bought locally, along with the cakes, marzipan and puddings that were to be sent southwards. Then there was the anguish of finding boxes the right size and shape. The enormous roll of bubble wrap I bought two years ago finally ran out. It was all very stressful. After the wrapping there were the trips (two) to the Post Office which only has a small amount of parking space so getting there very early in the morning is desirable when carrying heavy boxes. Finally there is the agony of parting with rather a lot of money. 

By yesterday I felt I had done Christmas. I dragged out the decoration, made a half-hearted attempt to unsnaggle the lights then bundled them all back in and decided to settle for a pot plant instead. 

We are rather looking forward to a quiet Christmas, but it might be dull for Sanders who at fifteen is too old to look as if he cares but too young not to. He is yet again in plaster for, IMO, rather a noble reason, though his mother and grandfather called him an idiot. At the end of term the hype and the tiredness in the school causes squabbles and strife. I don’t know how the girls deal with it but the boys start working each other up and fighting. Driven to intense exasperation Sandy backed into his room and hit the wall instead of someone’s face. Now I call that very sensible. Unfortunately the walls are solid and stony and he broke a couple of bones in his hand. His mother texted me resignedly from A&E where she really should have a bench with her name on it. The doctor who saw him said: ‘Didn’t I see you last month?’

He’s going for an MRI on Monday to check on an old injury. I bought him a drill and various dangerous tools for Christmas. Perhaps a First Aid kit is a necessary addition. 

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