6 Mar 2010


The empty bookcases remain (soon to be sold also) but the garage echoes weirdly.

Mixed feelings echo too. I miss the books but am relieved not to have the responsibility for them. I wish their new owner much joy and profit from her new venture: Black Bear Books somewhere near Dumfries.


chillsider said...

oH dear thats sad making, but congrats on living the dream, and now for new adventures..........I could do with those extra book shelves tho, or someone to pack up all the books piled over my floors and take them away. I guess now I can't kid myself I could somehow magic them up to you I shall have to lug them down to Oxfam. Unhappily it is a pedestrianised street so it will take many trips and muscles.

carol said...

Hey - sell them on Amazon! Or wait till I come down in the summer and I'll take them away to sell on Amazon! (If I come by car of course...)