6 Mar 2010

New temptations

It's a pity the bread has to be in plastic but that's the Health & Safety police. We are not allowed to sell anything that isn't packaged at source. I hope I become immune to the scent of fresh bread rather quickly otherwise - XXS will not be big enough! The loaves have interesting names like 'Shipton Mill White' 'Golspie Brown' 'Trevor Spelt' and Highland Rye. I've been told that Golspie is one of the oldest mills in Scotland and can be glimpsed on the Black Isle, across the Moray Firth as the seagull flies, on a clear day. Shipton Mill is the oldest mill in Britain, has been milling grain since the Domesday Book was written and is near Frampton-on-Severn where some friends live. Not sure about Trevor. They are all made from organic flour natch.

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