31 Mar 2013

Dizzy. Our Easter chick.

So far Dizzy, seen here with an older brother at her original home, is about the size of a chihuahau. I do hope she grows. Even Chloë was surprised how small she is at 12 weeks. Luckily grandson, who had sworn he could never take a tiny dog for a walk, or have anything to do with something so unmanly, was completely in love with her after about 10 minutes, especially as she curled up on his broad, muscular chest and went to sleep after an intense 30 minute show-off time.

The pink accoutrements will have to go of course.

I worry that Kes, the enormous German Shepherd will eat her. She wouldn't make a mouthful. Am assured this is not going to happen. She's probably too small to show up on Kes's radar.

I think it's going to be quite a while before I am asked to babysit.

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chillsider stitching and opinions said...

She is of course super cute, are you sharing with Chloe? I haven't taken Callie for walkies for maybe 2 weeks, too cold and grey, fortunately Him Indoors maintains her exercise regime. I am worried now that I may be going short of Vitamin D, can it get to me thru double glazing?