3 Apr 2013

More Dizzy.

I will get over this phase, but at the moment my heart belongs to Dizzy. 

She will eventually be about 12" at the withers. Smaller than Chloe had thought! Taller than my friends' dachshund or a toy poodle of our acquaintance but still very small. I've always been snooty about tiny dogs - shall have to get over that! She looks so fragile she worries me. Our Jack Russell was small but all muscle, bustle, and ego, so much, much bigger in presence! Dizzy is, true to her breed it seems, very needy of humans. She cried heartbreakingly when left on her own in Chloe's kitchen and didn't stop, like most dogs do, when Chloe reappeared. She clung to Chloe and sobbed into her neck! Really sobbed - no other word for it I'm told.  I will therefore be seeing a lot of her when Chloe is working once Sandy goes back to school or whilst he is sailing. There goes freedom.

She's very photogenic though and Danielle, (who likes to take photos of Nature) seems like her, so perhaps the other grandparents will babysit too. She behaved beautifully when invited for afternoon tea on Easter Monday, using her puppy pad rather than their floor which won them over completely! 

Sailing has replaced ponies in Sandy's life. His pony was happily re-homed some time back and he is now getting the benefit from the nearby bay that his uncle got 16 years ago - it seems like yesterday to me!


chillsider stitching and opinions said...

oh she is so tiny, how big will she be?

Gillian said...

Italian greyhounds are absolutely adorable. They are really pretty, even when fully grown and I think your Dizzy looks gorgeous .
I want one. Although my ever favourite is the toy poodle...clever and small, this is my very close second.
Hope you all have a great time with this new baby.
Cheers Gillian