16 Apr 2013


Now it's finally warm, and sunny, and dry, and perfect in every way, so we have high winds causing sandstorms with not a camel in sight to shelter behind. (Dizzy is useless.)

I sat in the sun with my coffee this morning to find myself crunching down on grit from some poor farmer's field. The roads are filling up with sizeable dunes and the gusts were strong enough to shove the car from one carriage-way to the next on a supply run to the supermarket. I went home by the back roads. Opening a window in the house is not an option.

It is worse in the Fens where the soil is black.


Gillian said...

Housenameomancy...Watching "move to the country" makes me wonder what people would actually call their houses if they could.
OK...I don't watch it often and anyway they did it all in 2009. It really all depends on the kitchen not the name of the house, but I'm going to start collecting them now...
Am I doing the right response on the right post?
Cheers Gillian

chillsider stitching and opinions said...

Here in Suffolk the house has a relentless layer of very fine grit and animal hairs. No wonder you don't come to stay!!