27 Apr 2013

New chords of thought.

I am getting showered with links and quotes now. This one seems worth passing on, even for those of us who aren't trying to write it's encouraging. (It wasn't written as a poem. I put it into this form)

“It’s ALL Collaboration. Anyone who ever fed you, loved you, 
anyone who ever made you feel unworthy, stupid, ugly,
 anyone who made you express doubt or assuredness, 
every one of these helped make you.
And we  each fit together uniquely as a result, 
there are no misshapen forms as all are misshapen forms 
from tyrants to wallflowers.
We are here relying on one another whether or not we wish it. 
There are no poets writing in quiet caves because every poet is a human being 
as misshapen as any other human being,
We are not alone in our particular stew of molecules
 and the sooner we admit, even admire the influence of this world,
 the freer we will be to construct new chords of thought 
without fear.” 

CA Conrad

1 comment:

Gillian said...

I hope you grow into your writing group. These little groups of folks that get formed because of a need to share a common wish can be good for us. I have been a part of several art groups run by the same teacher but there is something about the present one which makes me want to go every week even though I now want to paint some people and not so many landscapes.
Some common factor or thread joins us.
Cheers Gillian
ps hope you get a share of the sunshine soon.