15 Apr 2013


I saw a house called ‘Farfaraway’ today. Not much better than ‘Dunroamin’ but it made me think.

People over millenia have used all sorts of objects for divination. Wikki has an A-Z of them scrolling over several screens. The best known are probably crystal balls, tea leaves and coffee grounds (tasseomancy); lines in the hand; the  entrails of various animals; turtle shells. Not so well known: Clamancy (random shouts and cries heard in a crowd; perfect for the High Street here on a Friday). Enthusiasm (the speech of a person possessed by a demon. Just switch on the radio.). Turifumy (shapes in smoke). And so on, and so on... 

I started this to write about the thoughts that a house name stimulated for me but the demon internet* distracted me and half and hour later I have almost forgotten what I was about to say. 

Housenameomancy. There’s probably an elegant Latin form just waiting to be used.

All I wanted to say was that Farfarway was how I’ve been feeling of late. Rather as though I’d got stuck, like Spring has this year, buds still not trusting the weather. I’d like to be able to report I’m out of it but that would be premature. Only benefit from my revelationary moment was that I have woken up a little. It’s sunny, I’ve planted a few wallflowers, made more birthday cakes, am fretting about where I want to go on holiday and if I can afford to go anywhere at all. After a spirited talk about Egyptian Tomb Art last week I want to rush off to Egypt but for several reasons that’s not practical. A trip to Shetland or Orkney is more likely.

Curling up in front of the TV or listening to music is an honourable way to spend the day in the winter, but sunshine disturbs that feeling of cosy smugness, the ‘I’m lucky to be here whilst the rest of the world has to work’ thought, replacing it with ‘I should be out there doing something with all this sunlight.’ 

It’s a complete drag.

*I do know someone who thinks the internet is the root of all evil. Sadly that person had reason, long after forming this opinion, to experience the consequences of its demonic properties. So many temptations within easy reach.  


chillsider stitching and opinions said...

We're OK now, the sun has gone again.

Gillian said...

I've planted a couple of apple trees!
Spring is here and the first one opened it's leaves today so I went back for the next one. They will be forever in tubs. Lots of food and water and there may even be an apple or two this year.
Cheers Gillian